Investors are key to MedTech innovation. The development of a new Medical Device or IVD usually ranges between 6 and 9 digits figures.

Startups may progress for a while by self-financing their activities. However, when it comes to the acceleration phase and the setup of an actual product and services portfolio, the need for financing becomes an evidence.

The MedTech Investors being more and more specialized, their level of expectations for clear regulatory and clinical strategies has widely increased.

Medidee proposes the following services to Investors during the financing phase:

  • On-site or off-site support during the due-diligence from a regulatory, clinical or even purely industrial standpoint
  • Review of existing documentation
  • Evaluation of the robustness of an existing regulatory clearance
  • Documentation of a regulatory pathway report including regulatory, clinical and quality pathways
  • Evaluation of the robustness of critical suppliers and related contracts